Bristol LODEKKA Low Height British Double Decker Bus Marketing Training divstāvu autobuss

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71 730 €
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Marka Bristol
Modelis LODEKKA Low Height British Double Decker Bus Marketing Training
Tips divstāvu autobuss
Izlaiduma gads 1963
Pirmā reģistrācija 1963
Atrašanās vieta Lielbritānija
Ievietošanas datums aug 05, 2020
Autoline ID UX15575
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Papildu informācija: Angļu
We have owned and operated this beautiful Lodekka for over 20 years. It has been serviced, improved and tested every year. Thanks to its low overall height (4.06m rather than the standard 4.38m) it has been a natural choice for many overseas campaigns: it has carried out successful promotional tours as far afield as Israel, Sweden, Morocco, Germany, France and Italy for brands such as British Airways, Colgate, British Heart Foundation, Rimmel, Pimms, Hewlett Packard, NHS and many others.

It has the best mechanical specification for this model being the legendary Gardner 6LX engine with a 5-speed gearbox. It drives impeccably and we would confidently drive it around the world tomorrow if the opportunity arose.

The Eastern Coachworks (ECW) body not only has aluminium external panels but also an alloy frame so that rust is not an issue. The upper saloon was fitted out for P&O Ferries and has a nautical theme and quality of construction. The lower saloon is a demonstration/exhibition suite which is easily adapted to a number of products or services.

The bus has mains lighting circuitry with RCD protection and commander plug with the generator cabinet. There is a large Eberspacher diesel central heating unit ducted to both decks; a kitchenette to the front of the upper deck sealed off from the main saloon by sliding door and there is a bar/servery at the other end of the hospitality suite.

The price includes a new Ministry of Transport Certificate (Class 5)

Regret payment by bank transfer only. No debit or credit cards. No Paypal.
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