Jauns TEMA PRAKTI 2612 Tipper pašizgāzējs piekabe

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≈ $583
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Marka TEMA
Modelis PRAKTI 2612 Tipper
Tips pašizgāzējs piekabe
Izlaiduma gads 2019
Tilpums 1.51 m³
Celtspēja 595 kg
Pilna masa 750 kg
Pašmasa 155 kg
Atrašanās vieta Polija Gietrzwałd
Ievietošanas datums sep 01, 2019
Autoline ID NB16658
Virsbūves izmēri 2.63 m × 1.25 m × 0.46 m
Asu skaits 1
Riepu izmērs 155 R13
Stāvoklis jauns

Papildu informācija:


Directly from the wholesaler
NEW PRODUCTS - incl. Invoice including VAT and 12/24 months warranty
Business customers can buy products without VAT
All of our supporters have the corresponding COC homologation, which allows approval within EU countries

Car trailers are characterized by a hinged drawbar and a high 46 centimeters board. The trailer can be tugged, which will allow easy unloading of eg loose goods. Empty the trailer can be stored on the rear side saving space in the garage. The trailers are mounted on a suspension based on torsion axles or a perfect suspension on independent wishbones. The range of Permissible Total Weight is 400 - 750 kg, the size of the loading area is 145 cm, up to 263 cm in length, and 125 cm in width.

Standard equipment:
*Chasis: twin axle trailer
*Wheels: 155 R13
*Torsion beam-axle independent suspension
*Foldable V-shaped drawbar 750 kg; trailer can be stored in vertical position which saves space in the garage

Additional equipment:
* Spare tire 65€
* Spare tire handle 32€
* Motorcycle holder 50€
* Safety lock 32€
* Strap 8€

We will transport the trailer directly to the address given by you.
Depending on the model and country we will give you delivery price.
The delivery time is between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the availability of the selected model
We can prepare transit plates and you can also collect your trailers by yourself.
All the documents you need for registration will be sent to you together with the delivery. We will give you 12/24 months guarantee.

Mazzo Maciej Kubiński is a company with 10 years history, based of our work started
on 2007. The company Mazzo is located at Olsztyńska 46 street in
Gietrzwałd. We have the biggest square with the largest selection of trailers in our
Mazzo is the dealer leader in selling new trailers.
Our company selling trailers from the biggest and from the best trailers manufactures
in Poland.
We distribute 11 the biggest trailers manufacturers:

Our company boast over 10 years of experienced in selling, modernizing and servicing
all types of trailers. We cooperate with leading European trailer producers and have in
our offer more than 500 models.
Our trailers have an international homologation and all certificates required for
registration in the EU countries. Our team speaks English and German and is looking
forward to hearing from you. For and additional charge we can deliver our trailers
throughout Europe directly to your door.
If you are interested in our products or would you like cooperate with us – please
contact us by phone +48 668 073 049 or by e-mail sales@mazzo.pl.

How can we help you?
To make contact easier please give us details like below:
Company (If you know which you want to buy)
Purpose (car transport, builder machines transport, tipper, usual etc.)
Number of axles
How many trailers do you want to buy?
Extra equipment (like spare wheels, better winches etc.)
Shipping method (transport or collect by yourself)
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