Jauns TOYOTA LC70 Series 4.5 litre Hard top Land Cruiser LHD mikroautobuss ātrās palīdzības mašīna

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43 500 $
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≈ 38 530 €
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Tips mikroautobuss ātrās palīdzības mašīna
Izlaiduma gads 2020
Atrašanās vieta Apvienotie Arābu Emirāti Dubai
Ievietošanas datums vairāk par 1 mēnesi
Autoline ID RV7947
Degvielas tvertne 9090 l
Marka Toyota 4.5 litre
Degviela dīzeļdegviela
Eiro Euro 3
Tips mehāniskā
Riteņu formula 4x4
Stāvoklis jauns
Krāsa balta
Papildu informācija: Angļu
In stock and ready for export:
Brand Toyota
Model LC70 hardtop new 2020 model
Steering: LHD (left hand drive)
Generation Land Cruiser LC70
Safety: Dual airbag, ABS brakes
Engine 4,5 litre V8 Diesel (Petrol version can also be quoted).
Doors 3 including rear access
Fuel tank volume 90 L + extra tank of 90L
Coupe type Station Wagon
Length 4995 mm.
Width 1690 mm.
Height 2095 mm.
Wheelbase 2980 mm.
Weight 2045 KG
Payload 925 KG
Gross vehicle weight 3300 KG
Position of engine Front, lengthwise
Ground Clearance 215 mm
Number of cylinders 8
Wheel Drive Part time 4x4
Number of Gears (manual transmission) 5

Ambulance Conversion Specifications:
1 -C Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement of Patient's Cabin
2 -C Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof)
3 -C Bulk Head (Divider) with Sliding Window
4 -C Electric Panel & Fuse Box
5 -C Electrical and Electronic Wiring System with 12V DC power outlet
6 -C Complete General Light System for Patient's cabin
7 -C Air condition unit for Patient's Cabin (separate)
8 -C Bench made of Steel with storage compartment and equipped with cushion and seatbelts
9 -C Steel Cabinet for Medical Equipment and Medicines
10 -C Roof Type Ventilation Fan
11 -C Glass-tinting of Ambulance
12 -C Livery and Designing of the Ambulance Body
13 -C Oxygen Regulator with Manometer
14 -C Oxygen Flowmeter and Humidifier
15 -C Oxygen Outlet
16 -C Oxygen System related Hoses
17 -C Fire Extinguisher (2 kg)
18 -C Siren System, Amplifier and Microphone
19 -C Public Address Alarm and LED Light bar
20 -C 2 Strobe Single LED Lights, rear
21 -C Reverse Alarm
22 -C Fog Light, rear of ambulance
23 -C I.V. Hook
24 -C Small Grab Handle in Rear Door
25 -C Loading Ramp
26 -C Emergency Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter
Note: Ambulance is furnished with Partition Wall and Separate Rear A/C

Medical Equipment:
1 -M Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer
2 -M 1x Oxygen Cylinder, Steel, 10L, with Valve
3 -M Roll-in Chair Cot (Stretcher) - with 10G Crash Test EN 1789 & EN 1865
4 -M Portable Suction PS154A, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
(with Wall Bracket, Suction Pump-Italy , Suction Gauge- Austria)
Constructed in Accordance with IEC 60601.1 and ISO 10079-1
5 First Aid Bag

For Export outside of EU only..
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